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Website CMS Implementation

Content management systems are a standard when building website today. They will greatly increase your presence on the web and give you access to tools like blogs, project portfolios, and event tracking metrics. Here is why:

  • Decentralized maintenance with no waiting on updates.

    No more waiting on the designer. Out system is based on a common web browser. Editing anywhere, anytime, from any device.

  • Designed with non-technical content authors in mind.

    People with average knowledge of word processing can create the content directly and fast. The common computer user familiar with word processing software like Microsoft Word can operate a Content Management System.

  • Consistency of the website design and company brand is preserved.

    Because content is stored separate from design, the content from all authors is presented with the same, consistent design based on stylesheets launched with the website.

  • Navigation is automatically generated and adjusted to your page layout. 

    No more 404 errors (page not found). Menus are typically generated automatically based on the the page layout in the database.

  • Data is stored in a database.

    Central storage means that content can be reused in many places on the website and formatted for any device (web browser, mobile phone/WAP, PDA, print).

  • Dynamic content and flexibility. 

    Extensions like blogs, shopping applications, searching, social media management are available for any website running a CMS.

Jetscram uses Zesty for a simple management system backed by flexible frontend templates. Learn about Zesty here.