About Jetscram

Jetscram.net was purchased as a testing development server by Randy Apuzzo in November 2004. Randy had been coding websites since 2001 as a hobby. He began his career freelancing around the same time jetscram.net was purchased. Jetscram existed as a DBA until it formed as an LLC in 2009. Randy found a perfect synergy of aesthetics and computer science with his experience at Northeastern University - College of Computer and Information Science and College of Visual and Performing Arts at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. Jetscram is the combined unique skill set of front and back end web expertise in addition to print media, offering clients a versatile approach to design, identity and information systems.

Jetscram's philosophy is based strictly around neat code, compelling print solutions, strong platforms and a sensitivity to simplicity and typography. Neat code ensures functionality for users with disabilities and optimizes information to be read by search engines. Strong platforms should be flexible and allow users to navigate and access information with ease. Careful execution of typography creates a pleasurable experience for users and compliments the context of any project.