It's 2014, and Social Media is now a primary form of communicating with your audience. Communicating on Social Media is time intensive, so it's best to focus your efforts with the platform that reaches your audience most. You start by knowing your age demographic, and then pick a platform that has a lot of users that match your demographic. Please note this should not be the only factor in deciding on your primary platform, but it's a good start. We will look at the top sites: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Linkedin.

Active User Count for Social Media Platforms in 2014

Social Media SiteNumber of Active UsersStatistic Source
Facebook 1.32 billion Source
Instagram 200 Million Source
Twitter 271 Million Source
Linkedin 300 Million Source
Pinterest 70 Million Source

There are 7 billion people in the world, roughly 3 billion of them are on the internet. Facebook dominates the space with over 33% of all the users. Let's look at the age demographics.

Facebook - 1.2 Billion Users 

Facebook Age DemographicNumber of UsersPercentage of User Base
13-17 9.8 Million 5.4%
18-24 42 Million 23.3%
25-34 44 Million 24.4%
35-54 56 Million 31.1%
55+ 28 Million 15.6%

Facebook's user base is dominated by 25+, but they still have 50+ million user under the age 25. Facebook is a great place to start social media marketing, because your audience will generally lie within one of their age demographics.


Instagram - 200 Million Users

Instagram Age DemographicNumber of UsersPercentage of User Base
18-29 74 Million 37%
30-49 36 Million 18%
50-64 12 Million 6%

An astonishing 57% of Instagram's users access the site daily. That is 100 million eyeballs every day. The age demographic is very young alongside trendy older folk (This year I became one of those trendy older folk). Instagram can be a very effective platform for visual marketing. Don't forget you can make your own photos with text in them. Also note, Facebook acquired Instagram in Q1 of 2012. Using Instagram requires a mobile device, you cannot post from a browser. Posting from Instagram to Twitter and Facebook is very easy.  


Twitter - 271 Million Users

Twitter Age DemographicNumber of UsersPercentage of User Base
18-29 95 Million 35%
30-49 54 Million 20%
50-64 30 Million 11%
65+ 13.5 Million 5%

Twitter is a unique micro blogging platform that is dominated by a younger market. But let's not discredit 30 Million users from age 50-64 is significant. Twitter users are predominantly male and over 60% of the user base make over 30,000 a year.


Linkedin - 300 Million Users

Linkedin Age DemographicNumber of UsersPercentage of User Base
18-29 45 Million 15%
30-49 81 Million 27%
50-64 72 Million 24%
65+ 39 Million 13%

Linkedin represents the oldest age demographic with over 100 million users over 50! Linkedin is definitely a platform that is underutilized in social advertising. More than 60% of Linkedin users make over 75,000 a year. If your demo is on point, be sure to try this one out.


Pinterest - 70 Million Users

Pinterest Age DemographicNumber of UsersPercentage of User Base
18-29 20 Million 27%
30-49 18 Million 24%
50-64 10.5 Million 14%
65+ 6.75 Million 9%

Pinterest users are primarily woman (80%). 20% of all women that use the internet use Pinterest. Pinterest is a visual platform, and sharing is very easy.